Technical data
• Lightweight of only 1.350 g (including visor face shield and
neck protector)
• Extreme temperature resistance (up to 1.000 °C) in a 10
seconds flash over flames
• Long-term resistance to 250°C / 30 min, radiant heat test 14
KW / m2
• More resistant to mechanical impacts than any standard
helmet *Latest European standards conformity (EN 443/
• Full head protection, including neck and face
• PES anti-scratch and anti-fog coated visor resistible to up to
300°C (EN 14458)
• Aluminized carbon-fiabre neck protection
• Interior shock absorber made of polyurethane foam
• Integrated adjustment system (ranging from 52 – 63cm)
• Interior ventilating channels enable safe and comfortable
• Luminescent and reflective tapes visible from all sides and
in all conditions
• Nomex chinstrap – tested to prevent skin irritations